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Super fun store! So many amazing clothes, at a price you can afford. She has things for any occasion. It is definitely a place I would highly recommend you go! So friendly to all the customers, I'll be back!
Melody Trice 11/08/2017
I love this boutique, so very much!! Karen Michelle is the store to go to for everything, she has conservative looks to sexy attire, kids clothing and everything in season! Classy, sassy and lovable styles that make you feel like a star.
Nataliyajoy Prieto 08/30/2017
Amazing customer service!! Really loved shopping there!
Clara Rice 08/25/2017
Fantastic place to shop for new clothes and they have the friendliest staff!
Nicole Koolick 08/16/2017
friendly Great service and style. Always a free goody to go with your purchase. great prices and value !!!
Baila Romm 08/12/2017
Karen Michelle has such cute and well fitting clothes - they are very helpful and want you to look great. I got really cute outfits!
Sharona H. 07/12/2017
Amazing and warm people! Karen knows her customers and always makes you feel like a million bucks.
Laura Weinman 06/28/2017
My daughter and I had such a fun time in this store!!! The dresses are so comfortable and fashionable. We love them! Definitely shop again!
Shira L. 06/25/2017
The people in this store are amazing. Truly. I am a New Yorker and heard about the store. So, I ordered dresses via phone. They did not fit, but no problem. Karen and her staff, based on pictures I sent them and how I described the dress was fitting me did their best and brainstormed even better ideas for me! Who does something that nice? Now I am the proud owner of a very beautiful Karen Michelle dress (with one more on its way to me). This store and Karen and her staff -whom I have never met - rock my world. I hope to have many more shopping endeavors with her and now I want them to come to New York City!
Robin Carus 04/21/2017
Karen's boutique is absolutely wonderful. Beautiful clothing. Lots of everyday basics and layering pieces. Clothing for all shapes and sizes (xs to plus). Kids clothing. Modest wear. Hip pieces. Destiny candles (really cool, check them out). Reasonable prices. But the best part is the owner, Karen who always makes everyone feel very loved and welcomed. Notes: Yelp currently has some promotions for this store. So check it out on your phone and check in!
Sam B. 04/13/2017
When I go to Karen Michelle I feel like Cinderella being dressed by her fairy Godmothers!!!
Rivkie Feld 04/02/2017
Loved shopping here @Karen Michelle LA!!!! Great store and great service!! I love LA!!!!
Aliza Gold 01/26/2017
Walking into the store I was blown away by the impressive individual Karen that greeted me. She took a sincere interest in how I was well as what I was looking for. I explained what I was searching for and instead of the usual.. an employee taking me over to the most expensive items in the store, she gave me several options and the prices.....are too good to believe! I got a fabulous pencil skirt for $29.00 you can barely get a pair of panties for that...great material, a variety of colors and the fit... perfectly. They have wonderful layering tanks for .....ready for this? $20.00 great colors, and great fabric! In addition, They have these absolutely amazing candles called "Destiny Candles" the scents are delicious smelling, and have a unique spout on them so as they melt you can pour them on and use them for a massage. Heres the best part besides the smell...Shea butter, vitamin E, apricot oil, jojoba aloe vera oil and soy oil....only the best products go into these amazing candles. Believe it or not the price is only $24.99.... Karen did NOT stalk me like at most stores, but was so pleasant, she was so honest about how the items looked. When I tried them on she even told me that one color didnt do me justice which would have amounted to another sale. I was so impressed that I bought this fabulous looking anna dress for only $29.00 in black, which will be my go to dress. I also bought a Cardigan for only $39.00 you must check it out...its called "Ramble On Cardigan" great fabric, great color and hip styles! I am just so impressed with the layout of the shop, the ease of finding things the pricing and ready for this? The helpful sales person was none other than the owner...Karen Michelle, you dont find business owners as helpful and as honest as Karen was...normally they are in the back and dont want to take the time with their customers as Karen did. Truly...although I live in Arizona, I will continue to go to Karen Michelle Boutique to buy my wardrobes and gifts from now on.... there is NO OTHER STORE needed once you have found this gem.... Dont take my word for it...if YOU are smart, you WILL check it out for yourself and see what I saw...the best of the best with prices you will NOT find anywhere else! Since being at the store, I have gone on their web site which is so easy to navigate through, ordered items and in addition, I have called in to place orders and ask questions and I have been equally and CONSISTENTLY impressed! A plus customer service...actually the BEST customer service I have ever received in ANY retail location. And best of all the prices and quality of the clothes are something that has to be seen and experienced. Thank you Karen for the absolute BEST experiences and BEST pricing I have ever encountered. By the way, when I tell my husband, I am buying new clothes at Karen Michelle, he says great enjoy, get what ever you need...
Debi Koolick 01/19/2017
Best customer service from all the way over the phone in Australia! Thanks so much!!
Leah Baker 01/17/2017
From the very first time I wandered shyly into this neighborhood boutique, I have been treated like an eagerly awaited family member dropping by for a visit! Not only by the women who work with the owner, but by the owner, Karen Michelle herself. Not only is the boutique easily accessible and stocked up with fashionable finds at fiercely competitive prices, but the sound of Karen's voice just makes me feel cared for and her staff's listening ears and helpful hands pull out pieces that make me feel beautiful. I have never had a bad experience here and don't imagine that I ever would. I highly recommend shopping here and supporting this kind of sisterly service. You're going to love the time you spend with these women; you're going to find unbelievable deals and you're going to feel good supporting a store that supports women of all shapes, sizes, sartorial styles and at all phases of their lives. If you do not experience what I've described, please believe that it's not because of Karen Michelle or her staff, but rather, it's YOU! For everyone else, you can thank me now... Shopping shalom!
Leah R. 01/17/2017
est store ever . Customer service is amazing. Karen is the best there is so helpful . The clothes are great and I wear daily .
Pnina Muller 01/14/2017
Always my first stop when I come in from out of town!!!! Love love love it
Julia Kandel 01/14/2017
I love my new dresses! I feel so elegant and it took no effort at all! Thank you for bringing style and modesty back!
Diane Goldenberg Kuraev 12/21/2016
I just received my very first order from Karen Michelle. My package came within the week of being placed and it also had a hand written "thank you" note. My item fit perfectly and I couldn't be more happy with it. I then reached out to KarenMichelle to thank them. They were just as welcoming and appreciative as you would of imagined. I will definitely be ordering from them again and again. Karen Michelle is one of my new favorite places to shop!
Shynna H. 11/28/2016
Adorable clothes and accessories, lots of lovely and fun things, and the sales people are darling. It's always a fun experience going there.
georgia h. 11/26/2016
By far my favorite store in town! Karen & her staff are the warmest & friendliest people. I realized when I got home a couple weeks ago that I was missing one of the dresses I purchased. I went back today, and without hesitation they took my word for it and gave me another! They have an amazing selection and I love the fact that they're constantly getting new products. Thanks Karen Michelle!
Deborah Kukurudz Solaiman-Tehrani 11/21/2016
Love this place, especially when Karen is in the store! The staff is so helpful and attentive, even when the place is packed (which it usually is). Ask for the deals since they usually have tons of discounts and buy2get1 type stuff going on. I always come here for basics, simple dresses or shells etc etc. Their selection is changing ALL the time so grab what you like when you see it as it will probably be gone a week later... on the same note if you don't see what you want, tell the staff and perhaps in a few weeks you'll see it!
Sharon L. 11/04/2016
They are wonderful!!!!! Thanks for the gift!! U guys rock!!
Kami Rae Kinzebach 10/06/2016
A hidden treasure! I love shopping here and Karen Michelle (the owner) is amazing. She helps me move out of my comfort zone and try on things I might not have tried. I always leave with a new look that I love! Not only is Karen a treasure, the rest of her staff are equally as wonderful. It is a joy to stop in just to say hello and leave feeling uplifted and carrying a new dress.
Joan Merritt 07/28/2016
A hidden treasure! I love shopping here and Karen Michelle (the owner) is amazing. She helps me move out of my comfort zone and try on things I might not have tried. I always leave with a new look that I love! Not only is Karen a treasure, the rest of her staff are equally as wonderful. It is a joy to stop in just to say hello and leave feeling uplifted and carrying a new dress.
Joan M. 07/27/2016
My girls and I had a wonderful experience today. The staff was amazing, the clothes were adorable and affordable, and the personal attention was bar-none. Thank you Karen Michelle - we love you!
Michelle G. 07/18/2016
The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly . great promo discounts and love their basics !
Shoshi R. 06/29/2016
Alright, so this was my first experience coming to the store. I saw a friend of mine walking around in this flowy dress and told me that Karen Michelle Boutique was having a sale (Buy 2 get one free). I'd never heard of the place, but it's right around the corner from me so I thought why not?! I didn't have high expectations initially. I thought maybe the prices would be expensive since this was a boutique but I was pleasantly surprised that most of the items I was interested in were under $30. I was told that the highest an item will retail for is around $99. That's a little high for me, but since the selection of clothes $30 and under were so diverse I wasn't complaining! If you're looking for more modest clothing they have a large selection. It's so hard to find decent quality modest clothing that is both unique and at a reasonable price. I bought a midi jean skirt and a lot of their dresses I saw hit below the knee (I'm 5'7"). I only dress in modest attire, so I give the store my stamp of approval! Even if some of the clothing wasn't modest they had other articles of clothing that you could pair together that would change the look of the dress and make it meet my criteria. Okay now for the good stuff. I immediately hit the sales rack first. Everything was $10. I bought two shirts from there. I went into the boutique and was immediately greeted by the owner Karen and her staff. They made me feel very special and gave me their undivided attention. I told Katherine (my very own personal shopper lol) what I was looking for and she helped me put together outfits and gave me the proper sizing. I tried on probably around 15 things and walked out with around half of what I put on. In my opinion that's really good considering in other stores I'll try on the same number of items and walk out empty handed **tear**. They were having a 20% store sale and I used my check-in to receive and additional 25% off after she already marked down my final sale. And not only that she gave me another $5 off for checking in on social media. And gave me a free gift. And they gave me cold bottle of water to drink. They killed it in the customer service department! I could have sworn I was dreaming. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would without question. FYI, Karen Michelle Boutique gets new clothes every week. They said shipments come in every Tuesday and Wednesday. It might be Tuesday and Thursday but don't quote me. Go in and ask for yourself so you know when the best time to stop by would be. And if you're not sure if something looks good or you have specific needs... tell them! They will direct you to the right place. Let me tell you this very clearly. I have never been treated so kindly and been appreciated in a store more than my experience here. I felt like I was truly cared about, and I walked away with what felt like a brand new wardrobe. I don't expect it to be like this every single time where I walk out with so many things, but I am so pleased with my shopping experience that I am planning on stopping here first before I hit anywhere else anytime I need to freshen up my look. I cannot express any more profoundly how badly you need to shop here. I'm very confident you'll agree. Happy shopping! xoxo
Leeor B. 06/22/2016
I LOVE Karen Michelle Woman's Clothing. There actually is a Karen Michelle who is so committed to making sure you are happy and that you look great... that you will keep coming back! Karen is there a lot of the time and the sales woman she has hired are dedicated to truly helping you get what you need. Karen's clothes are good quality and very affordable. This has been my experience and that of my friends. She has her own line of tops that are FABULOUS and they feel great on. She is always getting new things so if you don't find something one week you are sure to the next. She has conservative & classy to hip, trendy and fun...all under that one roof! Thank you Karen for making sure I had all my outfits covered for my big trip this past week!!! Happy New Year and continued success to you!
Katherine Saltzberg 12/31/2015
Very nice boutique Karen was very helpful I was looking for the right dress and she help me pick out the right one along with two sweaters and a cute small purse she had patients she had answers and I was very happy
Clemy A. 11/02/2015
Very welcoming sales lady, modest and great quality clothes, would definitely recommend this place!
Shainy L. 10/04/2015
Karen is one of the loveliest ladies, amazing customer service, and has killer fashion pieces at affordable prices. She's a true entrepreneur as she does it all. Destiny candle is brilliant and her clothes are high quality and always in style. Xx highly recommend you shop online or instore if you can ? I know where I'll be next time I'm in LA ?
Shay Lauren 10/03/2015
After spending an entire Sunday going from store to store in the Westside Pavillion on the hunt for the perfect little white skirt I came out empty handed and a full stomach of ice coffee. I ran to Karen Michelle and within minutes her sales associate sent from heaven, Devorah, asked me what I was looking for and my price range AND MADE IT HAPPEN. The skirt I was looking for in the mall for hours was waiting for me at Karen Michelle at the same price point. I had such a pleasant first experience!! Thank you Karen Michelle, I now have the perfect Yom Kippur outfit!!
Sandra S. 09/20/2015
I went yesterday with my sister and mom and the sales women were so nice and helpful!! We both bought great basics and they were reasonably priced! Will definitely go back again when I'm in the LA area. :)
Yehudis Lovitch Bartfield 08/14/2015
Love the clothes! Love the people! Everyone is super nice and helpful!
Angelica Cristina Aguilar Delgado 08/03/2015
Karen Michelle is an amazing woman. I accidentally hand washed my dress (and destroyed it). I e-mailed Karen Michelle who got back to me within an hour. She immediately checked to see if there was more fabric and asked me my size. Within a week she had a whole new dress made for me. The dress is gorgeous, comfortable and flattering. Thank you Karen Michelle!
Yael Zoken 07/24/2015
Karen's shop is wonderful! She and all of her workers are very knowledgable about the clothes they are selling. You are given individual attention and are being cared for. Karen carries beautiful, modest, and comfortable clothes. For whatever occasion you have Karen has the right outfit for you.
Pnina T. 06/25/2015
Super cute place really nice manager lovely comfy attractive clothing love the location all around really wonderful
Yvette Edery 05/21/2015
I am done looking for places to shop because this IS IT. I am a terrible shopper; I can never put outfits together but Karen Michelle has solved that. I come in and tell them what I am looking for and they put outfits together for me, top to bottom. Skirts, tops, vests, sweaters...and then they find just the right belt or necklace to make everything look amazing. My closet is filled with Karen Michelle clothes and accessories! I also have 5 daughters and now that she is carrying kids clothes, we are ALL dressed head to toe in Karen Michelle! PS- love love love the candles she sells too
Tova Keilson Friedman 05/07/2015
Karen Michelle is a hidden gem on Robertson. Amazing things to find and the most important...amazing prices: and the customer service is unmatched. They do everything they can to make you happy. They have a wide range of clothing and get new things all the time. You never walk in and see the same thing twice. And the candle is amazing.
Sarah H. 03/01/2015
Seriously adorable clothing!! Great customer service!!
Ashlyn Makayla 01/16/2015
The best place to find the perfect outfit! So many styles and options to choose from, it's impossible to leave without finding something amazing.
Lauren LD 01/03/2015
Amazing selection! Beautiful clothes and store! Superb, helpful, knowledgable friendly! Can't say enough great things about Karen Michelle!
Sabrina Sanders Benazera 12/31/2014
If you haven't been here yet LA ladies...skip your lunch plans tomorrow and get there. Best deals, beautiful clothes, staff is amazing!!!! A+++++***
Sarah Hollins 12/17/2014
Had so much fun shopping at Karen Michelle today! Got awesome outfits!!
Tovah Noury Goldman 12/06/2014
Went there today for the first time and love their clothes! I got a few skirts that are so comfy yet fashionable and their shells fit great and look great alone or under clothes. They also have a nice selection of jewelry and the pieces are unique and look hand crafted. Most importantly they have great customer service. Rachel helped me today and made great suggestions and took the time to answer questions and show me around the store. Totally recommend this place!
Michelle Betita Spinrad 12/04/2014
I recently needed various hostess gifts and stopped by Karen Michelle. The young woman working was very helpful and the owner happened to also be there and was a hoot! She was so helpful and honest and her taste is exquisite. I would recommend this store to anyone in the LA area looking for gifts or clothes for themselves. They also have an amazing candle line that is very unique!
marcy g. 11/28/2014
Just love the cotton blend dress that just goes with EVERYTHING and is so comfortable
Cena Abergel 10/24/2014
Talk about personalized attention! Karen is a delight, and she and her staff work crazy hard to get you exactly what you want and/or need. (And I'm not even talking about the parking ticket that they convinced the cop not to write!)
Jessica Abrams Kligman 09/24/2014
Cutest clothes ever
Jennifer Blair 09/24/2014
Amazing service! Everyone who works at Karen Michelle is so sweet and accommodating! I came with my little one and they kept her busy while I shopped!!
Tallie Nourollah 09/17/2014
Thank you all so much! Liora helped me over the phone yesterday with immense kindness, helpfulness & patience. The Shell for our daughter which you chose and put on hold for our daughter is Perfect!!!!! Greatest Customer Service =)
Ariella BW 06/18/2014
I had a wonderful time and got some fabulous outfits too! The service is exceptional and everyone there has a great eye for fashion. Its going to be tough deciding what cute outfit tp wear tomorrow! Thanks for the red carpet treatment girls! :)
Renee Osborne 06/02/2014
The best store in the world! !!!
Limor Hazut Horesh 04/03/2014
Cutest clothes, warmest customer service, and Karen Michelle herself is simply the best!!!
Ellen Satkin 02/16/2014
She is a wandafol woman
Kelly Onorin 02/06/2014
They have been just amazing! Thank you so much for your help on making me feel confident and great!! Thank you:)
Daniela Nisenbaum 01/14/2014
Love all my pieces from Karen Michelle and great home parties too
Lori Helayne Zipperstein-Karbus 01/14/2014
Best place to shop!
Racheli Lewis-Yemini 01/14/2014
Excellent selection of fashionable women's clothing and accessories!! Always has new arrivals of what's in for my wife!! Service is very friendly and they always have a Sale! Ask for Karen as she has great recommendations for gifts! Karen Michelle Boutique keeps the wife happy. She is happy, I am happy!
Steven L. 10/14/2013
What a gem! A friend took me on wednesday and i came back again from sunday all the way from Irvine :)The whole staff really treat you like old friends. Everyone loves to help and the selection is beautiful. I felt like I became an instant friend with Karen the owner. I am in love with this store and their fabulous costumer service. They officially have a new raving fan!
ali g. 08/23/2013
LOVE!!!!!!! The Karen Michelle skirts are my absolute favorite. bought one today and all i can say is I will be back very soon to buy more. THANKS KAREN MICHELLE
Valerie Victoria Lopez 02/02/2013
Love, love, love this store. Best clothes for the best prices in Los Angeles. Karen is wonderful and her sales people are great. I have found so many great dresses and tops in the store. I shop there all the time, always getting in new things. Stop by and check it out.
Arlene U. 12/18/2012
I am a HUGE fan of Karen Michelle. Karen, her partner Nancy, and the rest of the staff are incredible friendly and helpful. Very "small business" feel as they know their stock intimately. I always walk out with a bunch of things I love for great prices. For example, during her 20% off sale, I just got 11 items for an average of $21 apiece - tax included. I even walked out with two skirts - and I am a tough fit, so I tried on many skirts, but they wouldn't give up until I found a couple that really worked. In addition to clothes, I've bought belts and great jewelry (you'll have to hunt a bit to find the best ones.) They sell candles, cute gifts (with an emphasis on bling, like rhinestone-embossed salad servers or picture frames), skin care - it's hard to believe they fit it all into that little store. Whether you're a teenager or ready for cruise wear, there's something for you there.
Joanne H. 12/19/2011
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